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Website project.

2007-08-07 09:43:42 by Expectrum

I am glad to announce that creation of a website is in process. This website, in construction by me and Paradox, will contemplate a comic portal, general Art portal, comic resources, original sprites, quality sprite flashes... just to mention a few features.

The design, logo, programming language and everything else will be discussed on this forums. Support, suggestions, and any other kind of help will be very much appreciated.

Stay tuned, my friends, for this site will be superb!


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2007-08-07 10:33:56

I'll help!

Oh, wait...

Expectrum responds:

Who the hell are you? =O


2007-08-07 22:51:08

Why bother, it's going to be just another shitty ng copy that no one will bother going to, the best one out their is probably zellomesh and it fucking sucks and is a ghost town, don't fucking bother.

Expectrum responds:

Excuse me, I beleive the only feature I mentioned that NG has is a flash portal, but then again I said the one in our site is going to be exclusively for sprite movies.


2007-08-10 19:11:04

I guess I'm in, it looks really promising, is there anyway for the forums you have linked in that News Post for me to become a moderator to look over it?

Expectrum responds:

Sure, I would I could thrust moderation to you. Welcome in :)


2007-08-10 19:16:05

Sounds like a little brother site to newgrounds!

be sure to give a shout to the staff, they helped out armorgames and Wiggworld too.

Expectrum responds:



2007-08-10 19:25:15

Sweet, can't wait until it drops.

Expectrum responds:

We all can't :)


2007-08-11 02:34:53

Did you PM me about this, randomly? I 'spose I could help in some way :\

Expectrum responds:

Well, I manually PMed some people I knew I could thrust to join in, and you where one of those. Please join us too!



2007-08-11 08:30:33

Sprite movies? :\

Expectrum responds:

That's only one feature.


2007-08-11 10:00:36

I can mod, but I don't know if I can help with the actual making of the site...

Also, I like rating. X-D

Expectrum responds:

You could join and comment, any support is appreciated.


2007-08-11 14:51:56

Looking forward to it.

Expectrum responds:



2007-08-11 17:14:52

Hey, there is a recruiting forum for this in proggraming so ya know.


2007-08-11 18:21:32

I checked the rules in your forum, and they look awfully similar to these rules, make it your own rules please. =(

Expectrum responds:

I'm on it, they where only temporary rules.


2007-08-20 11:16:47

Hey, it has been a week. AND I HAVEN'T seen any progress with the site at all. Damn it.

Expectrum responds:

We bought the domain, we bought the hosting service, we designed a logo and a banner, we decided the whole layout, and now we are making the home page.

You call that no progress? Maybe you should ask me before taking any conclusions.


2007-08-22 13:01:19

Oh my gawd. You should of informed me about this (PM for example) before I went angrah at you.

Still, good job. Any chance for the release of the site? =D I'm I still a moderator at the new domain?

Expectrum responds:

The release date isn't determined yet, but it is in progress.

As for moderation, yes, I think you still can be moderator at the forum to be made there :)


2007-08-26 14:02:45

We are still working out the coding:
btw Angel... My uncle knows some PhP but he is a master in c/c++ and python, I'm pretty sure Python is an option on the site isn't it?

Expectrum responds:

We will see about that. First I have to get all the graphic resources and then we will talk about full coding.


2007-08-28 17:34:03

Awesome, give me the word and i'll see what I can do to help!