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Entry #28

New year, new identity

2014-01-15 16:02:26 by Expectrum

For those confused, my old username was "YoungAndWise".

Since the ending of 2013 I've been getting my hands dirty with some new projects, and those include making some games/apps in Flash. No details to share at the moment, but once I'm satisfied with them (read: once they aren't shitty) I intend to upload them here and hopefully get some feedback from the community.

Anyway, I had been thinking of changing my username for a while but didn't have a good excuse. "YoungAndWise" might have seemed like a witty name back when I was 15, but 6 years later it just made me cringe my teeth at my own naivety. So, I just came up with something more unique that hopefully I can stick with and use as my e-identity on projects/other sites.

That said, feel free to leave any opinions or comments below (I'm starting to feel like an annoying YouTube vlogger). 


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