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It was pretty funny, kept me entertained until the very end. My only advice would be to improve the pacing, since at some times it felt like you were dragging a scene for too long. Otherwise, excellent job losses!

There was a time when people actually tried to be creative with these. This is just spam in sprite form.

ERROR 404: Fun not found.

Horsenwelles responds:

check out the ones that were actually funny

Good animation, too short for solo.

Now, don't get discouraged by my low rating. The animation is pretty good, and the idea was interesting, but the problem is (and I'm sure you realise this) that this clip alone is too short to be a submission of it's own.

My suggestion is that if you're aiming to make quick shorts, at least put a few togheter and then submit as one.

Other than that, good work. Perhaps a background would make it better? Do that next time.

I saw make a bunch of these :)

Bloodspill234 responds:


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It's simply amazing. It has so many awesome things conveyed that I just can't name them all. The only thing I can bet most of us would appreciate is some sort of multi-player mode! :)

Great work to everyone who worked in this game. It has even inspired me to learn game programming in Flash.

Needs improvement.

The concept has been done many times, but you could improve your flash this way:

- Add sounds effects.
- Make more elaborated graphics: the ''ships'' look very plain and boring.
- Don't let the enemy spaceship appear or get too down. It is often inevitable to get hit.

I don't know what else to suggest. The game itself has been done many times, so maybe you should try something else. But goob job on doing your second flash!

Heh, kinda fun :)

It was alright, but fairly easy. Why not try adding music and sounds? It was absolutely soundless. Also, how about changing the scenario every few times?

It was pretty entertaining, though. Funny too :D

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Simply awesome!

Seriously man, this track rocks (literally) more than the original :D

You make very awesome music in general. Zelda tracks get an extra kick for me. Keep it up!

Sonofkirk responds:

Hehe thanks a lot bro. I'm really glad you liked it, it means a lot. Thanks for the review : ).

Truly amazing.

It's perfect as it is, I love it. It effectively captures the effect of being in an exotic paradise (well, in my case it's not exotic 'cause I live in one, lol).

It's a very memorable tune. You did a great job on this!

Loving your stuff <3

Pretty awesome for being your first!

Dude, I'm so glad you started making music for the audio portal now. You're very versatile ;)

My favorite part was the percussion rhythm that you incorporated at 00:28, specially when you used it at 00:47. It was awesome =D

Hope to see more work from you! Keep practicing!

P.S.: I also decided to give FL Studio a go today and see if I can cook some music with it. Will still use Sibelius for other kind of music, though.

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